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Sports - Soccer, Football (Fussball)

***** Location: Germany, worldwide
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and other Winter Sports

American Football, see below


Soccer World Cup in Germany, 2006

FIFA Worldcup.COM

Worldwide use


Australian Football League season begins

kigo for autumn

Australian Football League
source : www.afl.com.au

a turnover
in the football match -
a leaf becomes yellow

- Shared by Myron Lysenko
Joys of Japan, 2012



Football -
hardly ever called soccer in the uk, its home or the football world in general but always soccer in the USA - traditionally starts the season in very early autumn and these days it's getting eariler - so traditionally August - its the played right through autumn and winter and the season ends in spring.

Kigo for Early Spirng always in May

Soccer World Cup
Kigo for Summer

paul conneally



Fussball, Fußball
The most common group game in Germany.

Deutscher Fussball-Bund

topic for haiku



squashed football
breeds white-ants
awaits empty air ~

Read more haiku by Narayanan Raghunathan

topic for haiku



soccer, sakkaa サッカー
Kigo for All Winter

Originaly a common sport from England and later Germany, introduced to Japan after 1873. A competitive sport with two teams of 11 people.

Also called "Association Football" アッソシエーション・フットボール.

Around 1960, it was officially separated from
American Football アメリカン・フットボール and
Rugby Football ラグビー・フットボール.

Another related game in Japan is the Kick-Ball, Kemari
First Kick-Ball Game (kigo for New Year) Japan



There are various soccer events in Kenya.

Moi Golden Cup
Africa Cup of Nations

World Cup Haiku 2006 from The Bamboochas
Bahati Haiku Club Kenya

hot and fresh from the Bamboocha haiku kitchen!

a man on the roof
fixing the tv antena for clear vision--
world cup

Raymond Otieno

cellphones on ears
hullo are you coming one match
is about to start
Raymond Otieno

two teachers betting
on Brazil and Australia match
fifty shillings
Raymond Otieno

Patrick Sensei
gives his fifty shillings in bet
his team loses
Raymond Otieno

food grows cold on tables
Raymond is not eating as
his eyes are stuck on tv.
Raymond Otieno

pensive wives at home--
husbands away watching football
world cup in Kenya
Catherine Njeri

Croatia is defeated--
Zachariah is jubilant
i won the bet
Catherine Njeri

World Cup again--
Brazilian supporters in rapturous joy
the trophy is ours

Samson Onyango

happy faces
all over the world
watching matches
Nicholas Kasyoki

sleepless nights
watching football matches
on big screens

Maximilla Kasandi

happy Ghanians--
scoring many goals in
sweet cool Germany

Maximilla Kasandi

all eyes on screen
ears on radios
expecting winners
Lameck Odhiambo

happy football fans
keenly watching screens--
world cup again

Kennedy Odhiambo

people congested in bars
watching and hearing world cup
shouts of goal...goal
Anne Kanini

goal...goal everywhere
as Ronaldo scores the goal
World Cup in Germany

David Wandera

teams gather
Ronaldihno scores one goal
kenyans cheer



... ... ...

July 5, 2006

Here in Kenya, the World Cup has taken a tragic turn.
A boy was killed in Kisumu over Brazil's defeat by France.

Brazil loses to France--
a Brazilian fan is killed
in Kisumu

Patrick Wafula, Kenya.

... ... ...

World Cup 2010

World Cup--
they drum the mabati walls
celebrating Ghana

*Mabati is a Swahili word for corrugated iron sheets.

Caleb Mutua, Kenya


Latin America

Futbol is the most popular sport in Latin America.
Huge amount of teams, millions and millions of devoted fans. Sport pages in newspapers are mainly about futbol. The best futbol players are real "celebrities"
The activity is very intense as much as in Europe or Africa.

9 of the 18 World Cups held up until now, were won by South America's national teams (Brazil five times, Argentina twice and Uruguay twice). When this edition of the World Cup comes to an end, Europe will have also 9 won.

L Am soccer has given the world great players, such as Pele and Maradona to mention the most well known. My country in particular won the first World Cup played in the year 1930 and also the one in 1950 (against Brazil in Maracana).

Carlos Fleitas, June 2006



-football season starts (Russia&Scandinavia)
kigo for (early) spring

-football season starts (most of the rest of the world)
kigo for early autumn

-end of football season (Russia&Scandinavia)
kigo for early winter

-end of football season (rest of the world)
kigo for late spring/early summer

(actually, for us in Romania, the week after the end of the last league matches is very interesting: you see people gradually shifting their conversation topics from "important matters" to planning their summer vacation)

-Euro Cups start
kigo for autumn
(actually for smaller countries they start much earlier; but mid-September is when they start in earnest and media attention turns to them)

-Euro Cup finals
kigo for late spring

-Intertoto Cup
summer kigo
(I discovered I have a soft spot for the Intertoto Cup; it has a sort of "wabi" to it; it involves small, lower-budget clubs who generally know they're never going to be champions of their country and who sacrifice their summer breaks in pursuit of a very ellusive dream: out of 100 or so teams starting this year, only 3 will get the questionable prize of being allowed to contest the UEFA Cup from September onwards.
It involves smaller communities getting excited about their team playing "in Europe" and hosting another team they previously never heard of. In the admittedly too money-driven world of today's football, it has a flavour of gratuitousness about it).

Cristian Mocanu
a haijin whose grandfather was afootball/soccer club president!


Trinidad & Tobago

returning football team
a cheer rises
Loot at it here !

World Cup 2006 ! Haiga

we celebrate
in T and T
flamboyant in full bloom


World Cup Soca Warriors Return

returning football team
a cheer rises


Gillena Cox, 2006

Things found on the way

. Soccer World Cup Daruma   


an autumn haiku

first match
of the season
we follow the moon

paul conneally


the world cup game
is still scoreless---
summer solstice

Fred Masarani, June 2006


Mahiri misses
his pre-mock exams--
angry Principals

Macharia misses
Bahati board meeting--

form four
students dozing in class--
angry teachers

jammed video
shows in Soweto--
cheers and boos

Partrick Wafula, Kenya, 2006


end of the game
Ronaldo cries like a baby
on Zizou's shoulder

Carlos Fleitas, June 2006 (World Cup in Germany)


game over --
all become Italians
hooting with joy

France plays Brazil --
only the swifts are heard in
Brussels streets

Isabelle Prondzynski, July, 2006



Related words

***** Winter Sports as Winter Kigo

ragubii ラグビー rugby

kigo for late winter

sukii スキー skiing, ski
sujiijoo スキー場(すきーじょう)ski resort
sukii ressha スキー列車(すきーれっしゃ)train transporting people with ski
sukii yado スキー宿(すきーやど)lodging for skiers
sukiiyaa 、スキーヤー skier
sukii boo スキー帽(すきーぼう)hat/cap for a skier
. . . CLICK here for Photos of a warm hat !

kigo words taken from the German language

gerende ゲレンデ Gelände, (skiing) slope
shantse シャンツェ Schanze, ski jump
shupuuru シュプール Spur, ski tracks, trail with one's skis

kigo for early spring

haru sukii 春スキー (はるすきー) skiing in spring


kigo for late winter

sukeeto スケート skating, ice skating, Eislaufen
koorisuberi 氷滑(こおりすべり)
sukeeto joo スケート場(すけーとじょう)ring for skating
..... スケートリンク sukeeto rinku
sukeetaa スケーター , skaker, ice skater

aisu hokkee アイスホッケー ice hockey

bobusuree ボブスレー bob sley
riyuuju リュージュluge, toboggan
. . . CLICK here for Photos !


kigo for late winter

kangeiko 寒稽古 (かんげいこ) practising (sports) in the cold
..... kanzarai 寒復習 (かんざらい), kanzarae 寒ざらえ(かんざらえ), kannarai 寒習(かんならい)

kangoe 寒声 (かんごえ ) shouting loud (during winter practise in the cold)

kandori 寒取 (かんどり) practising sumo in the cold
..... kanzumoo 寒相撲(かんずもう)
..... kanzumoo 寒角力(かんずもう)

kanchuu suiei 寒中水泳 (かんちゅうすいえい) swimming in the cold season
..... kansui 寒泳(かんえい), kan oyogi 寒泳ぎ(かんおよぎ)

kanbiki 寒弾 (かんびき) practising shamisen in the cold


-Compiled by Larry Bole:

sukeeto no magao nashitsutsu tanoshikere

So serious
The face of the skaters,
Yet so enjoyable!

--Yamaguchi Seishi, (1931) Tr. Blyth

スケートの 紐むすぶ間もはやりつつ
sukeeto no himo musubu ma mo hayari tsutsu

Even in the time
it takes to tie on ice-skates,
the heart beats faster.

--Seishi (1932)
Tr. Takashi Kodaira and Alfred H. Marks

Comment by Seishi:
The skating rink on top of the Asahi Building, near the Sumitomo Building. Since I had become expert at skating with 'geta' skates when I was in elementary school, I was able to master the use of shoeskates quickly. My heart would pound even as I tied the laces of the skates.

'Other points of interest':
the so-called 'geta'-skate has a single blade in place of the two usual "teeth" under the 'geta', and slipped onto the feet like thongs.

learning to skate
I was Hans Brinker
until I fell

--Larry Bole

Hans Brinker, or The Silver Skates
(full title: Hans Brinker; or,
the Silver Skates: A Story of Life in Holland)

Hans Brinker tying on his sister Gretel's ice skates

The novel takes place in the Netherlands, and is a colorful fictional portrait of early nineteenth-century Dutch life, as well as a tale of youthful honor.
© More in the WIKIPEDIA !


. WKD : Names of Persons and Haiku .



Little Onion said...

Football - hardly ever called soccer in the uk its home or the football world in general but always soccer in the USA - traditionally starts the season in very early autumn and these days it's getting eariler - so traditionally August - its the played right through autumn and winter and the season ends in spring - here in the uk with the famous FA CUP FINAL - a spring kigo itself - so this haiku:

first match
of the season
we follow the moon

paul conneally

is an autumn haiku - the moon giving us that as football not mentioned directly - but here in the uk most readers will generally find 'football' before match

Anonymous said...

here's a fresh-from-the-oven World Cup haiku:

World Cup live matchcast—
taking a ladybird
off the monitor

Cristian Mocanu Deva, Romania

Anonymous said...

American Football,
to me it feels like an autumn kigo.

a friend from America


"The Little All American Football Autumn Classic"

"Rites of Autumn:
The Story of College Football"

GOOGLE for more !

Anonymous said...

European Football Championships

after the match --
two men are leading
a third one home

Every night is football night at present, and tonight it was the Netherlands against Russia.

I am only watching some of the matches, and tonight I was sitting with my window open, listening out now and again for the shouts and groans coming from the neighbours.

A shout of joy here -- then there... one could tell that one window across the road was supporting one team, and the other one, around the corner, was with the others. Finally, slurred male speech in the street -- three men walking along, two of them supporting the third, all of them speaking far too loudly. Beer is an integral part of football watching for many...

I still don't know who won, but no doubt the radio will tell me very soon!

Isabelle Prondzynski

anonymous said...

World Cup--
drunkards support Kenya
in the moonlit road

More World Cup 2010 haiku from Caleb are here