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***** Location: Ireland, other countries
***** Season: Summer
***** Category: Plant


Any of various erect or creeping shrubs of the genus Cotoneaster in the rose family, native to Eurasia (Himalayas). Small-leaved cotoneaster, also called rockspray or entire-leaved cotoneaster, is a once-common garden shrub which has now become naturalised and established in many wild situations.

A low-growing or prostrate evergreen shrub producing numerous small white to pinkish flowers which are followed by tiny, bright red or black fleshy berries containing two or more hard stones. Has flowers and, and frequently cultivated for ornament.

The leathery leaves are c. 7 mm long, oval with a notch at the tips, dark green and shiny. In many places, especially rock exposures in quarries, on crags, or on masonry. There is an extensive colony on crags on Garron Head high above Garron Tower, County Antrim.

Kudryavitsky Anatoly

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