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***** Location: Russia
***** Season: Spring
***** Category: Plant


There are various members in the Scilla family.

Scilla (squill)
is a genus of bulb-forming perennial herbs in the Hyacinthaceae. The 90-odd species are found in woodlands, subalpine meadows, and seashores across the Old World. Their flowers are usually blue, but white, pink, and purple types are known; most flower in early spring, but a few are autumn-flowering.

Several African species previously classified in Scilla have been removed to the genus Ledebouria. The best known of these is the common houseplant still sometimes known as Scilla violacea but now properly Ledebouria socialis.

Species include:
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Scilla Sibirica (Siberian Squill)
kigo for mid-spring

Siberian squill (Scilla siberica), also known as the wood squill or spring beauty, is a small perennial plant native to Siberia.

This plant grows to 15 cm (6 inches) tall and produces small, violet-blue flowers with blue pollen early in the spring.

It spends the winter as a small bulb, perhaps as big as the end of a little finger. It puts up short, somewhat grassy foliage very early in the spring, produces one or more tiny blue flowers, goes to seed, and disappears by summer.

This plant can be planted into a lawn, and, if it naturalizes, can give a very pretty early spring display. It can tolerate light foot traffic while dormant and transplants easily. They are best grown in cool, moist locations with well-drained soil of average fertility. They are very cold-tolerant. It does not do well in hot and/or dry conditions, though it does well in sun or light shade
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Szilla, Scilla bifolia, Blaustern

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Chionodoxa (Glory-of-the-snow)

I can still
bend low enough:
snow glories

George Hawkins . March 2009

WKD snow glories, Chionodoxa

Things found on the way


© Photo by Viola

murky day --
Siberian Squill gathers
the sky's blue

пасмурный день --
все краски неба собрал
цветок пролески

Siberian Squill --
stamens poking into
the cold air

© Origa, Olga Hooper
Live Journal

апрельская синева -- ..... April azure --
тянется к небесам ......... a thin shoot stretches out
тоненький росток .... ..... to heaven

© viola

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The Pasque-flower
is called a "dream grass" or a "sleepy grass" in Russia.


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