Ion Luca Caragiale


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Ion Luca Caragiale

7 June 1886 – 25 November 1972
Haimanale, județul Prahova, Țara Românească, astăzi I. L. Caragiale, județul Dâmbovița, România – d. 9 iunie 1912, Berlin) a fost un dramaturg, nuvelist, pamfletar, poet, scriitor, director de teatru, comentator politic și ziarist român, de origine greacă. Este considerat a fi cel mai mare dramaturg român și unul dintre cei mai importanți scriitori români.
A fost ales membru post-mortem al Academiei Române.

commonly referred to as I. L. Caragiale;
February 13 , 1852 – July 9, 1912
was a Wallachian-born Romanian playwright, short story writer, poet, theater manager, political commentator and journalist. He is considered one of the greatest Romanian playwrights and writers, a leading representative of local humor, and a main representative of Junimea, an influential literary society with which he parted during the second half of his life.

Caragiale's work, spanning four decades, covers the ground between Neoclassicism, Realism, and Naturalism, building on an original synthesis of foreign and local influences. His plays constituted an important venue for criticism of late 19th-century Romanian society, while in later works of fiction Caragiale adopted the fantasy genre or turned to historical fiction.
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Mr. Goe
by I. L. Caragiale (1852-1912)

So that he could finally be promoted at the end of this school year, grandma, mommy and aunty Mitsa promised to take the young Goe to Bucharest on the King’s anniversary, the 10th of May.

Little do we care if the three dames decide to leave their comfortable spot to come to the capital just to please their son and nephew. It suffices to say that in the early morning, on the central station’s platform in the town of X, the dames, all dressed-up, along with the young Goe, are impatiently waiting for the fast train that is supposed to take them to Bucharest. It is true that once one has decided to assist to such an important national celebration, one must make an early start. The train that they are going to get reaches the north station at ten to eight a.m. Mr. Goe is impatient and he argues in a commanding voice:

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Haiku and Senryu

write a telegram
to Mister Goe

Alex Serban, Romania

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