Moon in Europa

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Moon in Europa

***** Location: Europa
***** Season: Various
***** Category: Heaven


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Moon Haiku by Vasile Moldovan, Romania

Sitting all alone
facing a still white paper:
behind me the moon

Lacustrine carpet-
warped amongst all those algae
the summer moon's curls

Children covered up
under warm maternal love-
the moon in the bedroom

Through the silk gown
some moonbeams are stroking
the foetus in the womb

After the hunting
the gracious light of the moon
grooming a deer cub

In the Nature Book
the wind turns page after page
the moon is reading

Soul of woman:
through the double window the moon
sees what she looks like

The moon is setting.
Who knows for how many times
without witnesses?

Moonless nights-
singing crickets are blurring
the dark

© January 2006

Vasile Moldovan was born on June 20, 1949 in a farmhouse from a Romanian village.He gratueted from the Faculty of Journalism from Bucharest,where he lives. He published follows haiku books:
Via dolorosa (christien haiku),1998; The moon's unseen face, 2001; Noah's ark
(lirical bestiar), 2003; Ikebana, 2005 and a poetry book, Poem on line,2001.
His haiku appear frecventely on The Haiku Gallery, Tinywords,Asahi Shimbun,Mainichi Daily News,Haiku Albatros.

Together with Florin Vasiliu and Ion Codrescu, he is one of the founders of the Romanian Society of Haiku. Since the summer of 2001, the executive chairman of the society.

Romanian Society of Haiku
str. Bîrnova, nr. 8 bl. M110, App. 9
O.P. 51 Bukaresti

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