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Nobel Prize

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Nobel Prize 2006

The Nobel Committee has once again done a wonderful thing in awarding the Peace Prize to Muhammad Yunus and the Grameen Bank :


banker to the poor --
now feted by the poor
and the rich

Isabelle Prondzynski

Muhammad Yunus
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Please read the Daily Nation, Nairobi, 14 October 2006
Nobel Peace Prize 2006


The Nobel Foundation


The Nobel Prizes are prizes awarded annually to people (and, in the case of the Peace Prize, to organizations) who have completed outstanding research, invented ground-breaking techniques or equipment, or made an outstanding contribution to society in physics, chemistry, literature, peace, medicine or physiology and economics. They are widely regarded as the supreme commendation in their respective subject areas. Those honored with a Prize are known as Nobel Laureates.

The Prizes were instituted by the Swedish scientist Alfred Nobel through his will. They were first awarded in 1901, five years after Nobel's death. The prize in economics, instituted by the Bank of Sweden, has been awarded since 1969.

As of October 2006, a total of 781 Nobel Prizes have been awarded, 763 to individuals and 18 to organizations. A few Prize winners have declined the award. There are years in which one or more Prizes are not awarded; during World War II, for instance, no Prizes were awarded in any category between 1940 and 1942. Each Prize stipulates, however, that it must be awarded at least once every five years.

Prizes cannot be revoked. Since 1974, no award may be made posthumously, i.e. nominees must be alive at the time of their nomination.

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According to the will of Alfred Nobel, most of the Nobel Prizes are announced and awarded in Stockholm (Sweden) -- that is, all except the Peace Prize, which he decided should be decided, announced and awarded in Oslo (Norway).

The city is immensely proud of this privilege. Any conducted tour of Oslo shows the balcony of the hotel where the Laureates stay and from where they greet the people. There are several days of festivities organised around the award ceremony, which always takes place on 10 December, and the whole city (particularly its children) join in the celebrations. The presentation takes place in the presence of their Majesties the King and Queen of Norway, the Norwegian government, Storting representatives and an invited audience.

Isabelle Prondzynski

Here are the photo galleries of the most recent award ceremonies :

Things found on the way


Wangari Maathai, Nobel Peace Prize
(10 December 2004)

digging the soil
planting another tree --
Nobel laureate

Isabelle Prondzynski

About Wangari Maathai, Kenya


(1 April 1940 – 25 September 2011)

Photo : http://greenbeltmovement.org/images/content/wangari3.jpg
Photo : http://www.gbmna.org/slideshow/index.php?gal=oslo&s=l&id=15
Photo : http://www.gbmna.org/slideshow/index.php?gal=oslo&s=l&id=17
Many Photos : http://greenbeltmovement.org/gallery.php?s=5

Postal Corporation of Kenya, facebook

a bright smile
among blue and green -
Wangari Maathai

Gabi Greve

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